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Welcome to Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery

Meet Our Bengal Cats

Meet Our Bengal Kittens

We welcome visitors to our farm near Canberra or video calls!

We currently have brown and snow kittens looking for their new homes. To find out more, please text or email us.

Certified Bengal Cat Breeders in New South Wales

Mon Tigre Bengal cat breeding program is dedicated to consistently improving the Bengal breed providing the best care and love for our cats and kittens.

We are located just outside of Canberra NSW. We’re certified cat breeders who breed both brown and snow Bengals. We aim to produce kittens with clear, large tricolour rosettes and good contrast in their patterns.

We understand the importance of spending a lot of time handling our kittens early so they are well adjusted when they join their new families. Each Bengal kitten comes with a five generation pedigree registration with CatsNSW.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate in contacting us, we are only too happy to help. Call 0421 106 665.

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About Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat is a breed that was achieved by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat and a domestic short hair cat. They are highly intelligent, very personable as well as being active, and athletic. Bengals tend to be curious and highly animated cats that can be trained to do tricks and walk on leads….

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Kittens can be transported to all states of Australia, and we regularly deliver to Sydney.