Frequently Asked Questions

About Bengal Cats and Kittens

At Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery, we are passionate about Bengal cats, a breed known for its unique blend of wildcat charm and domesticated companionship. Whether you’re a seasoned Bengal enthusiast or a first-time cat owner, we’ve put together this FAQ page to provide you with essential information about these captivating ‘house leopards.’

Read our FAQs to learn more about what makes Bengal cats extraordinary companions and how we take pride in breeding these exceptional felines with Cats NSW and RPBA certifications, ensuring their health and happiness in their forever homes.

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What is the temperament of a Bengal?

Bengal Cats are typically intelligent, active and vocal. Every cat is different, however, so within the breed there are very often also cats that are less active, quiet and not so smart. The traits of this breed are special as they produce cats which are very amusing and active members of their families. They are very trainable and quite often can be taught to chase and retrieve a ball, sit, shake, as well as walk on a leash and run in a cat wheel. Most of our Bengals also like water and are rarely scared of noises which has resulted in amusement as they ride our robot vaccuum around the house. A Bengal Cat is a good choice if you are looking for a cat which is a bit more interactive and active than most!

Are Bengals cuddly?

Our Bengals are! The key is lots of handling when they are young and being in the right place when they are ready (a cat thing!).

Are Bengals friendly?

Our Bengals are! It isn’t unusual at our home to hear a chorus of cats calling out for attention. Its a full time job keeping everyone entertained but one that we love. Cat socialisation is very important at a young age, so what we start, you must continue by providing your Kitten with a lot of care and attention when they come home. Bengal cats will require regular play and stimulation.

How big do Bengals get?

  • Males can weigh between 4.5kg – 8kg.
  • Females can weigh between 3.5kg – 5.4kg.

The size of your cat will vary depending on its genetics and whether it has been desexed.

Do Bengals require special care?

Bengals do not require any more care than any other domestic cat and will require their litter cleaned daily (if not twice daily), feeding and play time. (Read: Bengal Feeding Guide)

Do Bengals need Company?

Often another cat (or other pet) will provide companionship and stimulation to your Bengal Cat which they very much appreciate. Our Bengals are quite friendly with our dogs and definitely rule our house. Bengals generally love children but are best to grow up from a kitten in a house with children if that is the plan.

If you are only able to have one Bengal Cat, they will happily live on their own, however, we believe that two is always better than one if possible!

If you are looking for a pair for your Bengal, both male and females are equally compatible with each other (provided that both are desexed).

Do Bengals have health issues?

Bengals are genetically predisposed to Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and Pyruvate kinase deficiency (PKD). Our breeding cats are tested for both of these diseases. We will not breed cats who are positive or carry the genetic markers for either of these diseases and therefore we are unable to produce cats affected by either of these diseases.

How do I protect my bengal from fleas and ticks?

Bengals Cats do require flea and tick prevention. The best treatments are spot on treatments that you apply on the back of your cat’s neck on a monthly basis. We use the brand Advocate and Frontline. Ticks are more likely to be present in coastal areas, so if you live near Canberra like us, or have indoor cats, they are not such as concern.

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