Bengal Cat Care: The Mon Tigre Guide

On the hunt for a Bengal cat breeder in Canberra or somewhere else in Australia? Look no further than Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery, the top choice for ethical Bengal cat breeding!

Why Mon Tigre Bengals Stand Out

Located near Canberra, Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery is a distinguished Bengal cat breeder in NSW. We specialise in brown and snow Bengal Cats that captivate with their vivid rosettes and striking contrasts. If a Bengal cat for sale Australia is on your wishlist, Mon Tigre is your go-to!

Ethical Breeding Advantage

When adding a Bengal kitten to your family, Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery sets the standard. As a leading name among Bengal cat breeders NSW and Cat Breeders NSW, we are committed to raising Bengal cats that are not just healthy but also well-socialised.

What to Look for in a Bengal Cat Breeder?

Selecting the right Bengal cat breeder is more than a choice—it’s a commitment! Here’s what to keep an eye on when choosing one:

  • Certifications: Opt for Bengal cat breeders with solid credentials.
  • Pedigree: A five-generation pedigree registration can confirm the cat’s lineage.
  • Health Checks: Make sure your Bengal cat breeder is up-to-date with health screenings.

Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, Mon Tigre offers Bengal kittens that are both visually stunning and well-adjusted!

Why Mon Tigre is Your Best Bet

When it comes to Bengal cat breeders, Mon Tigre is in a league of its own, and here’s why:

  • Ethical Breeding: We adhere to the highest standards of ethical breeding, ensuring our Bengal cats meet the highest standards of health and socialisation.
  • Quality Care & Registration: Each kitten comes with a Cats NSW pedigree registration and a starter pack that includes essentials like food bowls and toys. We submit registration applications when kittens are 4-5 weeks old, solidifying their lineage and quality.
  • RPBA and Microchipping: All our kittens are registered with Responsible Pet Breeders Australia (RPBA) and come microchipped, adding an extra layer of assurance for prospective owners.
  • Multiple Locations: Whether you’re in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or NSW, Mon Tigre offers the advantage of proximity, allowing you to visit and interact with your potential new family member.
  • Holistic Approach: We recognise the critical role of early socialisation and invest significant time in handling our Bengal kittens. This ensures they are well-adjusted and ready to transition smoothly into their new homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How big do Bengal cats get?

    Males typically weigh between 4.5kg – 8kg, while females range from 3.5kg – 5.4kg. Their size can vary depending on genetics and diet, but they are generally medium to large-sized cats.

  2. Do Bengals require special care?

    While Bengals are relatively low-maintenance, they do enjoy a stimulating environment. Consider interactive toys, scratching posts, and even puzzle feeders to keep them engaged.

  3. Do Bengals enjoy company?

    Yes! Bengals are known for their social nature. They appreciate companionship, whether it’s from humans or other pets. However, they also value their independence and may seek out quiet spaces from time to time.

Contact Us!

Curious to know more? We’d love for you to reach out to Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery and schedule a visit. If you’re on the hunt for Bengal cat breeders in Canberra, you’ll be pleased to know we’re just a stone’s throw away from the city!