Reserve a Bengal Kitten

If you are interested, please complete the form and we will notify you of the next available and upcoming Mon Tigre Bengal litters and their relevant information.

Responsible Cat Owners Code of Conduct

  1. I will always provide my cat/s with adequate, food, shelter, fresh water and exercise.

  2. I will equip my cat/s for life by providing it with good socialization, training and manners.
  3. I will ensure my cat/s receives adequate veterinary attention.
  4. I will take full responsibility for all of my cat’s actions.
  5. I will not allow my cat to roam freely outside.
  6. I will provide adequate fencing and containment systems to suit the breed of cat/s I own.
  7. I will take responsibility for any mess or excrement caused by my cat/s.
  8. I will lead by example and advocate responsible cat ownership within the community.
  9. I will not breed my cat without first consulting with my breeder (kittens are sold desexed unless sold with breeding rights).