About Bengals

The Bengal Cat breed was developed by crossing an Asian Leopard Cat’s (Felis Bengalensis) with a domestic short haired cat. For Bengals to be granted access into Australia, a condition was imposed that they must be at least five generations away from a wild Asian Leopard Cat meaning that while many genetic features have been preserved, they share a lot of similarities with domestic cats, making them suitable for house pets.

They are great companions who rule their households and provide their families with endless amusement. We have found that they are typically more social than ordinary cats, very rarely hiding from visitors to our house. They are certainly very intelligent and easily trainable. Most striking of all are their leopard print coat patterns which make them true “house leopards” and really complement their quirky purr-sonalities.

Wildcat Heritage

When breeding Bengal Cats, the breed standard aims to emulate many of the features of the Asian Leopard Cat including a strong, athletic and muscular body. Small ears, big eyes and clear, separated rosettes are desirable. Many Bengal Cats will also display a gold glitter in their coats and a thick pelt.

The intelligence and activity levels of the Bengal have certainly been inherited from their wild cat genes and is something that makes them truly unique. We often find that they do quirky things such as enjoying swimming, joining their owners in the shower and chirping at birds. They are certainly very vocal and know how to get maximum attention!

Just How Big Do They get?

A Bengal will vary in size depending on gender and whether they are desexed. Their weight can range from 3.5kg up to 8kg or more (for an undesexed male). Most females mature around 5kg and males around 7kg.

Fun, Playful & Active

Bengal Cats are the comedians of the feline world. They see the world through a different lens to us and for that are always surprising us with things that they find interesting. Everything from little bobby pins to huge exercise balls are fair game and can provide hours of amusement.

Bengals are also very vocal and will often talk back to their owners. Your family will think that you are mad but its not difficult to find yourself chatting with them in turn.

We are so grateful to have found this breed and to share our family home with them.

Enjoy Their Down Time

If all of this sounds very busy, don’t despair! Bengal Cats will sit on your lap for a cuddle.