About us

We love Bengal Cats; – If you do too, you’re in the right place!

Who we are & what we do

Mon Tigre Bengals have been breeding Bengal Cats since early 2018. We are located only half an hour from Canberra on a large farm “Trawalla” in Gundaroo NSW. 

We fell in love with the Bengal breed due to their quirky and outgoing personalities. They are unlike any other breed of cat as they are highly intelligent (highly amusing), very active and really striking looking cats which we have nicknamed our “house leopards”. 

Our breeding program has been dedicated to consistently improve the Bengal breed while nurturing and providing the best care and love for our bundles of playful joy. We love to share this joy with new families and appreciate receiving ongoing updates as they grow. 

We are a member of Cats NSW (CN 158), have a NSW Breeding Licence (B0000847947) and are a vet certified member of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association (RPBA 4128). Breeding Bengal Cats is a true passion and privilege and we are very grateful to share it with our extended Mon Tigre Bengal family. 

Our Breeding program

We take breeding healthy, good looking Bengal Cats with great purr-sonalities very seriously!

  • We focus first and foremost on the health of our animals which includes regular vet visits as well as DNA testing with the USA laboratory UC Davis;
  • Temperament is also a key consideration and we have been careful to select really lovely cats with really outgoing, friendly temperaments from all over Australia to base our bloodlines from.
  • Last, but not least, we strive to produce Bengals with really striking markings that celebrate the leopard print of their wild cat ancestors.

We breed Brown and Snow Bengal Cats

We are really proud of the quality of our breeding program – our babies are just as competitive in the show ring, as they are comfortable on their owner’s laps on the couch. We breed both brown and snow Bengals and spend a lot of time handling our kittens early so they are well adjusted when they join their new families.

Located only half an hour from Canberra we welcome farm visits.

Our cattery is based on our large property “Trawalla” (which is a word of indigenous origin which means ‘wild water’ or ‘much rain’) Our property has Brooks Creek as its border which runs into Lake George. At well as home to Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery it is also a thoroughbred racehorse breeding farm and training facility and the home of Mon Amour Oodles.

We hold the following certifications and memberships:


Member of the Cats NSW

Mon Tigre Bengals CN158

Member of the Responsible Pet Breeders Association (RPBA)

No. 4128  – including completion of a full vet certification of our breeding conditions;

NSW Breeder Identification N.



Responsible Pet Breeders Association (RPBA)

Full vet certification of our breeding conditions

Nationally Recognised Statement in Attainment

Microchip in Dogs and Cats

Diploma in
Canine Acupuncture


First Aid

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