Meet Our Litters - Bengal Kittens

Since our inception in 2018, we have been dedicated to nurturing Bengal kittens that embody the charm of their wild ancestors, the Asian Leopard Cat. With Cats NSW purebred registration and RPBA certification, we stand as a vet-certified breeder, committed to responsible and ethical breeding practices. Our kittens are raised with love, and each one has visited the vet for their first vaccination, desexing, and a thorough health check, ensuring their well-being before they find their forever homes. (Read: Veterinary Care and Important Dates)

Bengal kittens are more than just pets; they are lively and intelligent companions that light up households with their playful antics. With a genetic lineage that spans five generations, they’ve retained their wildcat heritage while becoming ideal house pets. From their striking leopard-print coat patterns to their quirky purr-sonalities, Bengals are truly unique. Our kitten gallery showcases the irresistible charm, endless amusement, and companionship these feline wonders bring to families. Whether you’re a seasoned Bengal enthusiast or a first-time kitten parent, our gallery offers a glimpse of the delightful world of Mon Tigre Bengal Cattery. For any enquiries, call 0421 106 665.

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