Kitten Checklist


Buying a new bengal kitten is a really exciting time and we often get asked what we recommend that you buy for your new kitten. Because of this, we have made the following checklist:  

The Basics:

  • Collar Cat (with safe release clip); 
  • Cat Toys; 
  • Carrier; 
  • ID Tag (with your phone number on it); 
  • Litter Tray + Litter; 
  • Litter Scoop; 
  • Advance Cat Food (we will give you enough to get you started); 
  • Cat Bed; 
  • Food Bowl/Cat Feeder; 
  • Water Bowls/ Fountain 
  • Brush; 
  • Cat Nail Scissors; 
  • Scratching Post;
  • Towels. 

Health Care:

  • Select a trusted veterinary practise;  
  • Find out your local Emergency Vet Contact details in advance (just in case); 
  • Select and purchase your Tick / Flea / Worming protection (we recommend Advocate spot on treatments). 

Nice to Haves:

  • Automatic Litter Tray; 
  • Cat Exercise Wheel; 
  • Outdoor Cat Net;  
  • Scat Mat (for any areas you want to train your cat not to stand eg: the kitchen bench). 

Set up Advice:

Set up everything for your kitten in one room for the first few days. Remove anything they shouldn’t touch eg: toxic house plants, rubber bands etc. Place the litter tray in the room so that the kitten can learn where the litter tray is and where to return to use the litter tray to prevent accidents. Multiple litter trays are ideal to setup, selecting an areas that is low in traffic so the kitten feels safe when using a litter tray.  

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